Blood dk’s… healer’s PoV

 Blood dk’s… healer’s PoV

I assume blood dk’s are the meta tank atm and whereas it’s cool I needed to know among the opinions from different healers and the way they like being grouped up with blood dk’s in mythic+.

My very own experiences it’s reliant on which healer I’m enjoying and the talent stage of the blood dk. After I’m enjoying my rsham I haven’t had an incredible expertise with blood dk’s. It’s not that they die however I don’t really feel like the 2 specs actually mesh nicely collectively. On my holy priest however, I’ve higher experiences with blood dk’s as a result of i really feel like the 2 type of work nicely collectively.

Now onto the talent stage of a blood dk, it’s no secret that blood dk is usually a bit extra complicated than different tanks. Some blood dk’s take little injury and a few blood dk’s have their well being bars taking pictures forwards and backwards and makes me very uneasy. As a healer, I by no means actually know in the event that they’re good or not and it takes time away from me having the ability to DPS or heal different individuals. I don’t really play a blood dk and may’t clarify why some blood dk’s are significantly better than others, however I’m going to guess that it’s a talent concern.

Would most likely assist me perceive them extra if I performed one for myself and I would try this, however for now I’m going to say I’ve a combined or barely unfavorable opinion of them

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