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 Design Stuff

Earlier than you ask or say something. Sure I understand that the title can cowl a broad number of issues. I don’t like the present design of methods and whatnot, however this put up isn’t about that facet of recreation design.

TL; DR: Cease designing lessons/the sport with limits in thoughts.

Scorching take. I don’t like that lessons and dungeons are extra designed round teamwork than earlier than. And no, this doesn’t imply that I would like dps solo blowing up 15s or raids. I like the entire tank, healer, dps dynamic. Though there are previous, and extra regarding current examples of the roles overlapping within the protection of their duties comparable to tanks rivaling dps in dps, mage therapeutic as a lot or greater than healers in PvP with triune which could be seen as tanking, or final xpac when my vers was so excessive I may tank keys in dps spec. Regardless of the humorous occurrences, teamwork and coordination have gotten an increasing number of required regardless of in facets that don’t make sense, and participant energy has quickly diminished.

Straightforward instance being dungeon caster trash. Mainly each caster mob in a dungeon has two casts now. cough cough Bone Spikes and the pleb solid that Bone Magi have in ToP. Not solely can one individual not solo cowl a Bone Magi for all casts. Even if you happen to determine to eat the pleb casts and kick Bone Spikes solely, one individual can’t cowl on their very own with kicks alone simply due to the frequency of the solid. It’s worse on fort weeks with casters as a result of then every thing hurts, and we are able to’t cease it as a result of for some motive a martial arts grasp can’t throat punch somebody on a whim, and neither can my buddies who are suffering from roid rage or a crippling dependancy to house mountain dew.

Persevering with on the theme of dungeons, not solely has participant CC been nerfed which suggests we are able to’t stun and bung packs anymore, however AoE caps and modifications have actually lowered the dakka we are able to unleash. Positive there outliers which are powered by tier we are able to all title proper now, however no spec’s base kits really feel highly effective anymore. Outlaw the AoE rogue spec, in all probability will get pwnt by sub in AoE. (I say that solely primarily based on the truth that I’ve had sub rogues rival me in AoE as a WW) And I don’t even have to get into the travesty that occurred to WW. The numbers might look spectacular/scary, however the technical facet is simply wtf.

Then there’s raid design. There’s so many fights that appear to simply have passive harm now simply to offer healers one thing to do. Whether or not it’s some random aura or some man’s oven making the raid room too scorching. Moderately than forcing heals, there may very well be one much less random fixed harm and raid comps may very well be leaned towards burning bosses.

And talking of various raid comps, each combat requiring two tanks due to some arbitrary swap mechanic, however by no means actually deviating from it’s boring. I’ve fond recollections of humorous raid comps like 3 tanking Kor’kron Darkish Shamans making the combat a meme as a result of two tanks and a healer would simply tank the man that gave the debuff in Africa which gave the remainder of the raid a number of house they usually simply burned the opposite shaman. Or Garrosh getting 1 tanked. Or when 1 tank and 19 Arcane Mages erased mythic Fel Reaver in like underneath a minute. The 2 tank “establishment” is stale and truthfully feels pressured.

On the subject of arcane mages. Wtf occurred? They went from mythic raid boss deleter to what it’s now. Juggling ramping into two harm home windows in like 15 seconds after which juggling proc reliant ramps into home windows each 30 seconds and 45 seconds whereas managing your mana until no matter you’re combating is useless, and their repay is that little? Blizz doesn’t equally reward laborious specs anymore. If something arcane needs to be deleting bosses even tougher than they had been in WoD.

Which brings me to my level. Recently class design appears to have been made with limits in thoughts. Comprehensible, however misguided. My fondest recollections of the sport have been when loopy stuff or humorous crap occurs. Coincidentally, the overwhelming majority of this occurred when participant energy was actually excessive. So let the reins free with class design. Make lessons with enjoyable and taste in thoughts as an alternative of the way it would possibly blow up 4 packs in a M+ or dig raid bosses six new a*seholes to poop from. Don’t even get me began on the missed alternatives Blizz had with Serenity and WoO.

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