Returning player|Class Identity

 Returning player|Class Identity

Hey guys, I got here again to the sport lately and have been leveling a number of alts however I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the modifications. Between selecting a category, a spec, a covenant, legendaries, soulbinds, conduits, and so on. I’ve been type of stumped on what class I’d prefer to funnel my time into. I’ve by no means been an alt individual, I LOVE selecting one character and going the space.

I’ve been studying tier lists for M+, raiding and PVP and truthfully, these have been type of scaring me an extended with tales about individuals being kicked from teams or by no means picked for M+/Raids as a result of they’re enjoying “underperforming” specs.

I’d love to do finish recreation content material and do excessive keys and see all of the exhausting fights so I’m simply trying your particular person opinions. I KNOW individuals will say “simply play what you need” however my ADHD merely won’t enable me to make selections like that.

Is there anybody right here that may dispel any of the fears about what it’s really like at endgame or supply and recommendation in any respect about what’s actually happening?

I usually play rogue or warrior however I’ve dabbled in paladin(ret) and hunter(survival) and I’ve tried to degree a warlock nevertheless it fell off for me. I used to MT in legion on brewmaster however I’m unsure I’d prefer to tank once more. Perhaps a healer?


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