Unobtainable Items, new players, and a good solution

 Unobtainable Items, new players, and a good solution

So, one thing that’s been fairly obvious extra and extra currently and has been getting introduced up extra is how demoralizing it’s for new, or returning after hiatus, gamers to see so many objects/appearances they like/need to not be in any respect out there as a result of they weren’t taking part in throughout the proper time.

So why not a solution from a not fairly MMO that appears to be fairly elegant. I’m referring to Warframe and the ‘prime vault’. On a set rotation a number of instances a 12 months, the devs rotate the Prime warframes of the previous which can be now not usually obtainable to be obtainable as soon as extra, and rotate out a few of the at the moment out there choices.

In WoW phrases this could possibly be used as an prolonged model of Timewalking, lengthen the occasion out to say, 2 weeks each month, however, throughout that, eliminated questlines/appearances/and many others from that enlargement could possibly be earned whereas doing issues like the extent squishing/changes as they’re now. This might enable the ‘preservation of problem’ many individuals take qualm with, whereas additionally permitting new gamers a chance to hunt out objects they might really need and be capable to get them.

This might actually not have any downsides that I can see.

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